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Sleep Family Package(1 Year)
Sleep Group Childrens Package 1 Night
Sleep Childrens Group Package 5 Nights Sleep
Pets Group 5 Nights Sleep Package
3 Nights Sleep
Sleep Holiday Package
7 Nights Sleep/Holiday)
1 Month's Sleep(30 Nights)
Sleep Gift 1
Parent Purchase Sleep(child)
Sleep Holiday Family Package
2 Nights Sleep
5 Nights Sleep
10 Nights Sleep
Sleep Child Alone 1

Pets 1 Night Sleep

6 Months Package

1 Years Sleep 

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Note* You will sleep after listening to the recording. Example; a holiday package only works if on holiday. Example; 1 Nights sleep won't work on a holiday only for 1 Nights Sleep. The recording will only work once, simply buy the next one up or message me for custom amount or custom package, that you would like.. or buy it again and re-listen to it as it will still work that way, only works after purchase. Dreams!
*Sleep1: this will provide you one nights sleep!
*1 Years Sleep: this will provide you 365 nights of sleep.
*6 Months Package: 180 nights of sleep.
*Pets 1 Night Sleep: this will provide your pet 1 nights sleep. Simply play the audio for it! If you have more than one pet contact for custom nights via contact form. 
*Sleep Child Alone 1: this will provide your child one nights sleep. The child will have to listen to this one. You can listen along although it will only work for the child.
*10 Nights Sleep: providing you ten nights sleep.
*5 Nights Sleep: providing you five nights sleep.
*2 Nights Sleep: providing two nights sleep.
*Sleep Holiday Family Package: this will provide sleep for you and your family going on holiday only you have to listen to it. It will still work for the whole family.
*Parent Purchase Sleep(child) : this package will provide your child sleep. Just one if you have more than one, there is also a package: the Sleep Group Childrens Package 1 Night.
*Sleep Gift 1: this package you can send to another as a gift. 
*1 Month's Sleep (30 nights) : this is the month package lasting you 1 month of sleep. 30 nights sleep this will last for.
*7 Night Sleep Package/ 7 nights holiday : this package will last 7 nights. You can use it as 7 nights sleep or for a 7 nights holiday in which it will work for that. One or the other. 
*Sleep Holiday Package: this will last you 14 nights for that holiday you are going on.
*3 Nights Sleep: this will provide you three nights sleep.
*Pets Group 5 Nights Sleep Package: this package is for five nights and will work for all of your pets so get them all together and then turn on this recording. This will provide them sleep for five nights.
*Sleep Childrens Group Package 5 Nights Sleep: this package is for if you have more than one child and want 5 nights sleep for all of them. 
*Sleep Group Childrens Package 1 Night: this will provide your group of children 1 nights sleep. All of them of whom listen to the recording.
*Sleep Family Package(1 Year): this package will provide you and your family 1 years sleep, feeling great.. 365 nights worth from the time of purchase.. Dreams!

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